Saturday, 14 May 2011

30 September 1499 - Day 1

I have been summoned to the king, such as many other people. The room is crowded with people hoping for their application to be successful.

Finally, a servant of the king opens the door and names five people. My name is among the names named. I enter the room and look around. Aside from me, there are four other people. One is a man. He looks tall and a bit green on his skin. He doesn’t look like the kind of person I would like to have an argument with. He is wearing light leather armour, like those people do, who I have seen moving around without noise, hunting deer and stealing. I shall later get to hear that his name is Davor. He is to be the leader of our group. I think they are called rogues. On the other end of the room is another man, tall, fully armoured, and looking as if he could fight a boar with his bare hands. He has a sword hanging from his belt. He looks very noble in his clothes. I later hear his name is Randor and he is a cavalier. Somewhere else in the room is a monk. Those people are easy to recognise. I have seen a few of them in the snowy forest. They walk over snow, just like me, without having their feet frozen. And, just like all of them, this monk here is also poorly dressed. He only wears this cloth wrapped around his body. I shall later find out that his name is Zen. The last man who entered the room with us is wearing a big hat. On his back is a long leather case from which the hilt of his big sword sticks out. He is not as heavily armed as the other fighting man, but he, too, wears armour. His name is Banis. He is inquisitor. I have never heard of such people. I suppose they are rare in the snow.

The king gives us a paper with the outlines of the new country we will explore. And together with this comes the promise that, once we have cleared the land from every creature, we shall become the new rulers of the area.

Our group shall be known as the Grey Wolves, and our sword shall be feared among our enemies.

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